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Adventure Camping...the ultimate wilderness experience.  

Come and relax while you enjoy the natural beauty of one of the best game-rich areas in British Columbia's Northeastern Rocky Mountains.  There are excellent photographic opportunities in the Tuchodi River drainage for an abundance of wildlife.  Elk, moose, wolves, stone sheep, mountain goats, caribou are just some of the larger animals that inhabit the area.  Over a hundred bird species can be found in the boreal and mountain habitats.  This area truely does contain some of the hightest concentrations of wildlife in the Western Hemisphere!  
For those that are wanting an exciting 'get away', this trip will not dissappoint.

Enjoy A Scenic Tour...Tuchodi Lake Special!

Let the cool mountain air cleanse your soul as you glide across the turquoise waters of the Tuchodi River.  A new frontier awaits around every bend in the river.  Bring your cameras and a sense of adventure.  This is a day trip which includes an exciting jet boat ride to Tuchodi Lake

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